Sunday, August 31, 2008

T-Minus 26 Days and Counting

Only 26 days before I hit the road for the east coast and my bike is just not safe to ride. Yesterday I wanted to put on a fuel filter, so took a short ride to the local Auto Zone for some hose clamps. Maybe this is just a personal quirk, but I have this odd aversion to riding at 30 MPH in a 50 MPH zone. And, that's all the clutch would do.

So, I pulled my bike into the back yard, under the patio roof, and started preparing her for major motorcycle surgery. A quick call to Cycle Gear and my friction plates and fresh springs are ordered. I stand outside and look at her. "Why not just do everything?" I think. "Do the brakes and tires, fuel filter, and heck, do the entire tune up.

There's no sense is being pissed off about this. I am taking advantage of the moto-down-time. No need to rush anything. It's OK if she isn't running before every morning. Time for me to get a little dirty.


Doug C said...

This something I need to learn about - not the patience thing, but the maintenence.

I am not a wrenchhead but I may need to learn to be one...

Good luck on the MC surgery. Keep us posted.

Kano said...

You're fortunate to have the mechanical ability to do your own work on the bike. With 26 days to go I'm sure you'll have the bike up to snuff for the challenges ahead. It should be a grand adventure. Will you be blogging as you go?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Doug: The maintenance thing isn't too tough but i do set my limits. One limit is tires. i need a new set put on but I have no bike stand or anything. SO, I will probably part with the $200+ for a tire change. The rest, like spark plugs, valves, brakes, etc... isn't too bad, but what do I know. I ride one of the simplest machines out there... a Rebel. I mean, they haven't changed that bike's design in almost 20 years???

Kano: One of my earliest memories as a child was helping my dad give his bulldozer a rebuild. I was pretty good at bending wrenches until I got married. She didn't like grease and oil. I got divorced and I dove right back in!

26 days doesn't seem like much sometime, but I read ride reports of some who have clutches or transmissions or something big go out, and they sit and wait in odd places of the world for a part to hopefully arrive in 15 days. I guess I am in relatively much better shape. :-)

I will blog and post pictures if possible. I will definitely have 'net connection in Illinois, North Carolina and New Mexico. So, somehow I will keep everyone up-to-date.