Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flat Tire!

Yes, I had a flat. Not on my motorcycle or truck, but on my latest adventure.

It would seem that I started out on an adventure with old, worn, weather cracked tires. The chain was old and dry, battery unserviced for years and the twenty year old oil is OEM.

This little adventure I was unprepared for. It happens. That's OK.

I think that I shall stay with blogging for now. As for adventures, I think I will stick to the easy things like motorcycling outrageous distances on ridiculously small motorcycles, building and flying airplanes, sailing, hiking and computer programming. Easy...

Maybe for the next adventure I will be a little more prepared.

Oh, if you are curious, there are roughly 3000 new words on my computer in a folder named Luna Veil.


irondad said...

I shall view your writings much differently now. Knowing the fact that you actually went out and conquered. You are worthy of the title Road Warrior!

Baron's Life said...

Hope the chain arrives soon