Friday, October 24, 2008

What's Up Next?

I was recently told by a wonderful rider, Shoganai from the ADV Riders group that the only cure for that melancholy feeling after a long ride is to immediately start planning your next one. And do you know what? It works!

So, here is my short-list. It isn't short because I have whittled a long list down. It's just short because I haven't had time to think about it much.
  • Yellowknife, Canada
  • Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Tail of the Dragon (or whatever you want to call that twisty road out east)
  • Nevada, California and Oregon portion of the Trans-America Trail.
  • Ride around Nevada on as many trails as I can.
There is one assumption here that I would like to clarify. If you are thinking, 'there is no way he would try any of those on his Rebel,' then you are mostly correct. I would try the Tail of the Dragon on the Rebel but the others would require something more trail-worthy.

So, any comments or suggestions out there? Anyone???


Doug C said...

The wife and I spent a week in Pigeon Forge and decided not to ride the Tail of the Dragon, a decision I regret, though we were only an hour away.

The advice I got when we were there: Wear a DOT approved helmet; the state police check for that. And, ride it when school is in session; its not nearly as crowded.

Baron's Life said...

I'm personally tempted to ride down to Mexico city

Anonymous said...

I rode the Dragons Tail....only in a rollback wrecker hauling a critically injured Harley Davidson to a facility in Tennessee.

As much as I enjoyed THAT trip, imagine it would be a lot more interesting if the bike were running....and the wrecker was left at home.

Flatlander Hint #102: When attempting over 300 curves in 11 miles for the first time - pack Dramamine. Trust me...Munch knows best.