Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Next Adventure!

Well, my bank account is down near $300, my cash flow is close to negative and I need a little adventure. What to do...

Well, planning next year's ride is fun, but I need more. I crave it. I require it.

Dating and entering the whole singles scene is an adventure I would rather leave to the pros. Another bike adventure really isn't going to work with such little money, a bike that needs some TLC and a negative cash flow. Cleaning the house would indeed be an adventure, but without a Bobcat and a HazMat suit it might be dangerous.

So, what to do???

Last month I read a blog entry from an acquaintance of mine at Romance... Dyann Style and that started the synapses firing. Yes, firing a bit late, but firing none the less. In short, there was a writer's event to put down on paper (or computer, depending on your media of choice) a certain number of words. It was a little event put on by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and really seemed like something interesting.

Alas, I was in the throes of trip preparation so there was absolutely zero time available.

Now that I am back and have time and no money I will write. Hmmm...

There are quite a few story ideas in a file somewhere around here. What the hell. 30,000 words by November 30. Sounds like a cheap adventure!

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Baron's Life said...

Other than writing that book you've bee talking about, you should find yourself a lady rider. It would make for some exciting trips