Friday, October 31, 2008


There are two kinds of withdraws going through my psyche right now. The first, and likely more physical one is the lack of nicotine. As I write this, not a single cigarette has touched my lips in 38 hours. It isn't easy, but I am doing it.

Why? Well, I can save nearly $600 per year by not smoking. That's a couple sets of tires, six months of payments on my Rebel, three months payments on a Versys if I get one. Maybe a new Shoei helmet. Heck, I could also get a small, used greenhouse building for $600.

Health? Yes, that is a little concern now that I have actually found something fun to do outside here. It may sound pithy and a little odd, but if my quitting smoking at 42 years old buys me another year or two or three of motorcycle riding, the withdrawal symptoms are well worth it.

The other kind of withdrawal? It is probably the worst kind for any motorcycle rider... Riding Withdrawl. The beads of sweat, goosebumps, difficulty sleeping, twitchy shifter foot and throttle hand, inability to concentrate... They are all symptoms of Riding Withdrawal.

If all goes well, my new chain will be in my mailbox soon, and my suffering will end.

Ride safe, all!


Baron's Life said...

Good on you for having quit smoking. I am still trying to no avail after some 45 years of smoking...just can't seem to manage.
Never quit's the only way to retain some sanity in this wicked world.

Doug C said...

You go man!