Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Masochist

Why must I be afflicted with this???

Riding past a motorcycle shop, it is hard to not look. What sales are going on? Any special events? Free goodies? Is there a Kawasaki Versys in their used inventory? A Suzuki SV650? Maybe a little Yamaha TW200 as a change of pace.

Maybe... Just maybe there is an old machine out back that just needs a little TLC. Maybe an old Honda Nighthawk with a bee's nest in the carburetor, its soul on standby.

Why is it I crane my neck anytime I see a for-sale sign near a bike? Maybe it's a good deal. Maybe the owner low-sided his BMW R1200GS and got spooked, wanting to sell it for only $500, just to get away from it.

Honestly, unless someone was giving away a motorcycle right now, I couldn't afford it. For some unknown, illogical reason, that doesn't matter. I still stop at the local dealer about once a week. I still pull over when I see a motorcycle for sale. Heck, for that matter, I still look at Craigs List once in a while.

Be it masochism, or an affliction or a slight obsession, There is nothing I would trade for it. Well, except maybe an Aprilia Shiver. Then I would think about it.

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Scott said...

Way too funny, I do this, too. And the Versys is my dream bike, too. But I'm also trying to decide if I need more than 250cc. A few more sites like yours might finally convince me I don't.

Found a link from one of the sites I read often and was skimming through posts (football is on) and am very interested in more of your trips.

Thanks for posting.