Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Project Vixen

Just as a short note about my little project motorcycle. Yes, I bought what was left of a rather uncommon motorcycle, a 1991 Suzuki VX800. (my original post) It was a motorcycle that was a bit ahead of its time and was only sold in the United States for three years. Other parts of the world were more accepting of the concept this motorcycle put forth. It sold for nearly nine years in Europe and Australia.

She is a hybrid of a Cruiser (V-Twin Engine); Sport Bike (Styling and performance); Standard (Seating position) and Touring Bike (Range and highway riding performance). On many websites it is classified as a Standard/Sport, Sport/Touring or Naked Sport.

To me, she just looks sweet, even if she is in a poor state of repair. For those inclined, browse over to my Project Vixen blog. Updates there as necessary. I think it needs more pictures...

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