Sunday, February 08, 2009

A week On the Road

Friday. Without a doubt, this was the most beautiful riding day of them all. I can see why there are many motorcycle riders on the East Coast of the US. Even on the superslabs, the scenery is wonderful!

The camera was still causing me all sorts of grief. But, on the bright side, I confirmed that my paycheck was deposited so when the opportunity presents itself, acquiring a new camera will not cause financial hardship.

Here are the few pictures that were retrievable from my camera. They were taken at a scenic area in Ohio or West Virginia. As is typical, the camera does not do justice to the spectacular colors and textures.

I arrive at my friend's house at nearly 10 PM. I really dislike riding at night. It's the visual stimulus; the feedback; the input.

North Carolina roads are fun... during the daylight. At night when I don't know where my destination is, in traffic, the roads are twisty and just a little unpredictable. I am not good enough yet to trust what I need.

Maybe that is something I need to do;
learn to trust what I need.

This was a long ride. New Castle, Indiana to Burlington, North Carolina. And, it was a beautiful one. Leaving Indiana there was a wonderful scent of pine and strawberries. Wonderful.

Ohio had the most friendly riders.

West Virginia, Virginia mountains were breath taking.

With out a doubt, Winston-Salem has the worst traffic anywhere!


Anonymous said...

Definitely get that camera replaced and keep the photos coming.

Ride on,

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Yup, I need to finish up this ride report. When I got to the Outer Banks, I did indeed get a new camera. The worst that happened with that one, was when I lost the batteries when taking pictures while riding. :-)