Wednesday, February 11, 2009

North, South, East or West?

Where to, next?

A person I met on the ADVRider forum enjoys long trips on her motorcycle. Her situation is somewhat enviable from a rider's perspective. Every two years or so, she can build up nearly three months of vacation. Three months to ride her motorcycle where she pleases.

She does work hard for this opportunity. Works her ass off, actually.

Alas, not everyone has the opportunity to take three months off for a ride and still have a job. Personally, my limit is three weeks, and that is a rare maximum, granted to very few where I work. As a matter of fact, I am unsure the opportunity will be there again. If not, there will be no tears. The opportunity to do it once was fantastic.

So, where to? Assuming a maximum of two weeks with a slim opportunity for three, what direction should I point my motorcycle this summer? Some of my friends have mentioned the East Coast again, some suggest riding some West Coast highways. Texas maybe? Spend a couple weeks riding around Colorado and Montana? Maybe back to the Midwest.

A motorcycle rider's version of "Cabin Fever" seems to have taken over my winterized brain. Two motorcycles in different states of repair or disrepair (as the case may be) and the temperatures warming up is indeed difficult to bear.

So, Suggestions? Where to???


Webster World said...

I now have 12 months. Oh hell I lied my wife can't retire yet so ya know I'm not going anywhere:)

Stacy said...

Oregon! And bring Bob with you so I don't have to ride to California!

Seriously, if you want to experience every possible kind of riding, you could spend months here and never see it all.

Earl Thomas said...

I've always felt that the best trips for me are the one's without any itinerary at all.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

It is funny. I would like to just point my bike in a direction and go. Just can't seem to cut that cord for some reason.

The trip I was thinking of last night would be sort of a meandering trip North to Canada and then back down through Washington, Oregon and California.

Stacy! When is BOB expected here on our side of the world? That would be kind of nifty to ride him up there. AND, that would only be a short little 5 or 6 day trip. Hmmm...

irondad said...

Like Stacy, I happen to live in Oregon. I've had this bad habit of wanting to just get on the bike and cover vast miles. Ok, maybe not a totally bad habit to have.

This summer I'm going to spend a week thoroughly exploring the Eastern part of Oregon. Less distance and less depth.

Stacy said...

I've no idea when BOB might be heading out our way... I figured late summer? Maybe not even this year since he seems to be taking his sweet time hanging out with the womenfolk at various drinking establishments. ;)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Ah, Stacy. You saw those blackmail photos as well. He might find it too boring out here. ;-)

I asked when he might make his way out here but no responses yet.

I was idly thinking today... I know quite a few people along the west coast. Stacy, IronDad, Earl, Kano (If he is ok and still around the area) and a buddy that rides a GSXR in Washington. Maybe an early Summer trip is called for.