Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Motorcyclists Hate Drama

Here are two numbers that really didn't surprise me: 540; and 36,400.

What are they? Well, I wanted to find an appropriate image for the topic of drama (i.e. Drama King or Queen) and tried Google Image search with the search string "sick of drama." The search yielded 540 images (plus or minus of course.) Then out of some morbid psychologically based statistical curiosity, I performed a web search... 36,400

Yes, I am single, divorced actually, and have little interest in searching out dates or flings or one night stands. That notwithstanding, I am a member of a biker oriented dating site, probably due to this same sort of curiosity. Over and over again, the words "no drama" or "tired of drama" or some mutation of that sentiment was associated with peoples' profiles.

Just for grins, here are a few comments from my motorcycling brain about drama...

Bikers would rather talk about compression ratios or handlebars or tire brands than listen to someone complain about how a ruined relationship 10 years ago causes them to sneeze every time they think about kissing.

A flat tire does not require a 45 minute dissertation on the choice of brands, tread pattern, or how good (or bad) a previous sex partner was.

It is irritating to other riders when someone in a riding group is trying to complain about their last girlfriend or boyfriend and their penchant for long tube socks, while riding at 75 miles per hour.

If we are camping and I say that I am going to go out and cut some wood, that is what I mean. It is NOT a euphemism for me going down to the single guy's/girl's tents and... ya...

A new set of rubber, means TIRES!

Male bikers discussing headlights, may indeed be discussing headlights!

And conversely, female bikers discussing bore and stroke are likely talking about pistons and cylinders!

If you don't like the way I am riding, then get off and find somebody else to ride with.


Just some idle thoughts from an idle motorcyclist on an idle Saturday night.


Baron's Life said...

Amen brother. Well said and absolutely right on every point you make.

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL, And glad I'm not single today!

Ride on,