Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Camper - Temporarily Checking Out

As typically occurs in most every life, things get busy. In come cases it is not for the better, some it is. This situation is somewhere in the middle

-My project bike is tentatively sold and I need to arrange transportation to Kentucky.

-Work is picking up with some heavy hitting projects.

-Two or three 'side job' projects need to be finished.

-The local motorcycle group I ride with has been VERY busy in a good way and expanding, requiring more time from it's current members.

-A fellow I ride with recently went down and is in the hospital. He should recover but is pretty banged up.

-PACKING... PACKING... PACKING... My ex and I are finally financially able to make a physical split so almost every waking moment at the house is spent eating or cleaning and packing.

Those and about ten other things are keeping me more than busy. So, I am checking out of the blogging world temporarily. Ride safe, all!


mq01 said...

be sure to get some riding time in while you're out!!! :) ride safe and enjoy razor...

Baron's Life said...

Good Bud and see you soon.
All the best

Shawna said...

Good luck with everything! Hope things get sorted out soon.

Shawna's Study Abroad

RazorsEdge2112 said...

mq01 - Riding, OH YES!!! Sometimes I think that is the Oxygen I had deprived myself from for nearly two decades. Honestly, it is probably the only thing that maintains my sanity. Or, rather keeps the nice young men in their white coats away. I can ride faster. :-D

Baron, I am not going far or for very long. Just gotta move and make some changes.

Thanks, Shawna. Time has a way of sorting out things. The knots are loosening and things falling into place.