Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Riding Decision

There is quite a bit written about the sometimes difficult choice whether to enjoy an elective ride or not. It is 68 degrees, crystal clear blue sky, slight breeze from the South, nearly deserted roads at 7AM. So, why not?

There is no tangible force or entity pushing for the ride to happen or not. The bike is in great condition, I am well rested and hydrated. Why not?

It is the slight tickle at the point of interface between conscious and unconscious. No reasoning or hard evidence. No presentation of facts to evaluate or arguments to consider. It is a beautiful day! Why not fire up my 1200 cc Harley and just ride to no where in particular? Why not?

Some things are simply not meant to be understood; simply accepted.


Baron's Life said...

to be or not to do or not to ride or to ponder...Go for it and ride safely my friend.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

You know, I probably should have gone. Of all things, I ended up working on a computer program! UGH! Ah, well.