Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fate Intervenes

Yes, the trip is still on, but reversed... Sort of. This is a rough paraphrasing of the phone call I received two days ago.


Ken, will you be here Saturday?

Ah, I need to check my calendar.

You MUST be here Saturday. You MUST!

What about Wednesday or Thursday.

NO! Saturday! It is VERY important. Will you be here?

(After some calculations in my head of some very long riding days, I respond.)

Ah, OK. Yes.


hehe Of course!

And we say our goodbye's and I continue working, wondering just what my friend in North Carolina was talking about. Then, the evening after we spoke on the phone, she e-mails me a little something... A wedding invitation! I was dumbfounded! She planned her wedding around when I would be there on my motorcycle trip! I was speechless! Karen, if you are reading this, Thank You!!!!! I am honored!

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mq01 said...

Aaaah, fantastic and sweet. what a beautiful thing... you're going to have a great time, and a great ride.