Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ready, Set, Kickstand Up! 2009 Ride Plans

There are choices like what brand of toothpaste to buy or what brand of fuel to buy or whether to go on a date with that cute & smart guy or girl you see every weekend at the local bike shop.

Then there are choices like what direction to point your bike on a long journey. There were three choices in my case this year.
1) A 5,500 mile ride up to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. This has been a long time dream. Before becoming a motorcyclist there were dreams of getting a jeep and driving there. Even before that when I was younger, there were thoughts of riding a bicycle up there.
2) A 4,000 mile meandering ride through the midwest. I am partial to slower two lane roads, small towns and relaxed riding. Few days with my family; few days with friends in Des Moines, Chicago, Milwaukee and Denver.
3) Run a 50cc test ride to Jacksonville, Florida and then meander back. What is a 50cc you ask? It is a ride from one coast of the US to the other in only 50 hours. This is a test ride, so will not push the 50 hours. The real ride will likely be in 2010.

After considering my options, I am going on the 50cc test ride.

When? I will be leaving Vegas on Friday September 18 as soon as my boss will let me go. Sunday, October 4th is my planned returned date. As I did last year, this will be a ride to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and in support of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Unlike last year when three weeks of vacation were available, there are only two weeks. Plans are a little sketchy but are solidifying...

States in order: Nevada; California; Arizona; New Mexico; Texas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Florida; Georgia; South Carolina; North Carolina; Virginia; West Virginia; Ohio; Indiana; Illinois; Wisconsin; Missouri; Iowa; Nebraska; Colorado; Utah and Nevada.

If I know you are along my route, I will PM or e-mail you within the next week. If I miss anyone or would like to meet up with me, let me know.

Vegas to Jacksonville

Jacksonville to Burlington, NC

Burlington, NC to Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI to Denver, CO

Denver to Vegas


mq01 said...

wow...i had not had a chance to read your post before now...sortoff feels like we're both reviewing SO MANY is good. at least we have choices ;)

GYMONR said...

Wow!!! That looks like one great ride, I’m so jealous; I wish I could get that much time off work at one time. Maybe one day, I notice you will be coming through Mississippi on your way to the other coast. I would love to get into part of your ride if you don’t mine the company for a few hundred miles. Maybe we could meet up somewhere in Mississippi, let me know if it sounds like a plan.
Big Al

RazorsEdge2112 said...

mq01 - Hey there! Yes, we do! Speaking of choices, I see you are on a quest for your Iron Butt certification ride. Want to do the Saddle Sore together? Planning for two is just as easy as planning for one. Heck, I almost planned a trip to Yellowknife way up north. Maybe next year after my 50cc. Interested?

Big AL! Buddy! You bet. I would love to ride with you! I should be riding through MS around October 6th. I will give you my cell phone offline and will let you know as plans solidify.

mq01 said...

hey Razor :) mmmm....IBA (ironbutt) thinking thinking... :) maybe...very cool idea...mmmm... i was sick last year and have been working hard on rebuilding my strength and stamina. let me think about it, i might be interested. thank you!!! =)