Friday, June 19, 2009

Apology to a Driver

**Sarcasm Ahead**
I would just like to apologize to the young woman in the blue Neon, driving down Desert Inn today at lunch time. I appreciate you were driving ten miles under the speed limit, likely to ensure the safety of yourself and all others sharing the road. The line of five cars behind you must have been your entourage or security force ensuring no one came up from behind you.

I am terribly sorry my bike is so loud and sparkly and shiny. That is just the way some Harleys are. I hope I didn't startle you when I accidentally twisted the throttle hard while next to you, causing that darned loud engine to wale and scream. Honestly, my staring at you from behind my reflective face guard was simply meant as a 'I am Sorry.'

Please don't mind that bright, reflective helmet, black leathers and skull & crossbones patch. I am really a quiet fellow who never makes trouble. As a matter of fact, one thing that I love to do is read. If I could, I would read all day, tucked in my bed with Bach playing in the background, fresh cup of chamomile tea steaming on my night stand.

Please, ma'am, accept my apology. I really did not mean to interrupt your driving while you were reading a flier perched on your steering wheel. I do hope it is good reading and when you cause an accident, I pray it is only you involved.

Friggin' Idiot!!!


mq01 said...

oh oh...

RazorsEdge2112 said...

mq01, lol

Typically I am laid-back, cool, calm, easy going and patient. These kind of people just tend to bring out my dark side.

I don't think the impact would have been the same if I were riding my Rebel and revving her little 250cc engine. :-P

IHG said...

What a great post! This seems like one I've wanted to write time and time again. The thing I'm ready for is the ban on hand held cell phone while driving. It makes me nuts!

Anyway...Frigg'n Idiot is right!

mq01 said...

im pretty laid back as well. but crazy drivers that get too close when im on my bike ... dark side is right.

steph, banning cells, its becoming a must. CA banned all but hands free use, but folks are still doing it.