Sunday, June 21, 2009

There's a Time to Wrench and a Time to Ride

And some idle weekend thoughts.
**Warning - Adult Content Ahead**

A year or so ago on a similar weekend I became entrenched in a "conversation" with my ex that was simply exasperating. A no-win sort of situation where logic and truth was thrown out the door at the whim of an irrational mind.

After two hours I had had it. I saddled up on my Rebel and headed out for a ride. It was not good. The road, the drivers, the stop lights, even my bike seemed angry.

According to a fellow I know who has ridden for nearly two decades, these are classic symptoms of an expression of inner feelings and turmoil to the external world. To paraphrase, "When you are that pissed off, don't ride. The whole world will be angry."

After much experimentation, and believe me, there has been plenty of opportunity for this, there is but one way for me to productively unwind. To wrench.

A person I know suggested an activity requiring another person of the opposite sex. That particular stress reliever is yet untried. :-)

So, for three hours I wrenched on my little project, my Suzuki VX800. Productive, yes. Soothing, yes. Good news? No. The front cylinder may be garbage. In all, a good end to a less than enjoyable day.
Well, I joined BikerOrNot. It is a pseudo dating and social networking website for bikers. For anyone curious, here is my profile: Yes, I am also on FaceBook and occasionally check into my MySpace page. After seeing an advertisement on MySpace for Discrete Relationships for Married People, I don't go there very often. To each, his or her own. I just find that a bit obnoxious.
Damaged goods... WTF.
"Get out there and date!"
Why? Is this some social pressure to find someone? Have a regular safe-sex partner? I am clueless.
Biker. I haven't been riding for even two years, yet people call me a biker, motorcycle enthusiest, and rider. Perhaps it is all in the proper attitude.
Time may heal all wounds but it is up to us to take care of the scars.

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mq01 said...

i can relate. completely.

those days, when nothing goes right, those are the days i have learned to turn my ass around and ride straight home. when i dont, bad things seem to happen. so in my opinion, yes, those are warnings not to ride that day. im glad it worked out ok...