Saturday, June 27, 2009

Curious Quandries and Commentaries

Here is a quick one.

How is it I can resize images for blogger in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not Chrome?

Motorcycle wrenching, for one reason or another, brings out my curiosity. Why is there loc-tite on those bolts? Why is there is snap ring on that shaft? Does this hose actually go anywhere? What idiot designed this? Why does six months on cost $15 where three months cost $17?

Yes, my juices of curiosity were flowing last night after taking my Sporty's clutch partially apart. Seriously, I am starting to like the mechanics of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The engine and clutch are elegant in their simplicity and quite easy to wrench with the right tools.

But, I digress. Curious...

A week or so ago, after an episode of wrenching, I joined at the suggestion of another rider. "It's not just for dating. It is like a cross between MySpace and," he tells me.

OK, so out of curiosity I join. Not that I am looking to date or even get into another relationship. Looking for nothing, just curious. Sure enough, it seems to be a nice, laid back social networking site for "Bikers or not".

Last week or so, a woman I know offered her services to set up a few dates for me. Curious. I declined but did put her on retainer.

So, out of curiosity last night, I joined Curiosity. Perhaps there should be more feeling in this, but the voice of Spock just echos in my head... "Curious"

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mq01 said...

been there, done it too, and yet still curious. LOL! ive met and dated a few from online resources. personally i have come to realize that organically found/made matches are better for me than internet connections. but ultimately, one must try and have fun with every option... enjoy!! :)