Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Get it Done!

Tuesday night there was a stumble; a trip; an accidental side step and there I am in the middle of a conversation. Well, more of an illogical monologue reminiscent of the Twilight Zone than a conversation.

At any rate, it was a talk brimming full of self deprecation and 'pity, pity me' sort of drama. Had two beers so can't go out for more and that was the entire household inventory, so I can't get buzzed. Drama shields to full.

...She can't go to school for her masters, she can't get a job, she can't write, she will not be able to find a boyfriend or husband, she will never have sex again, she is going to die a lonely old maid... blablabla

Now, I am not minimizing her feelings, but if someone has determined they can't do something, it is quite certain they can't. The only people who have accomplished anything are those who have tried.

This brings me to some thoughts I entertained yesterday. One thing on my Bucket List is to earn my Saddle Sore certificate. What is that? It is a documented ride of 1000 miles in 24 hours. So, why don't I just do it & get it over? It is only 1000 miles. A few weeks ago I rode a little more than 600 miles in about 10 hours. 14 more hours to do 400 miles? Child's play really.

So, when I ride up to Salt Lake for a poker run next month, I am taking a few days off, riding to Colorado for a few days, then making my Saddle Sore ride back into Vegas.

Another thought that falls into the Just Get it Done category. And now for something completely different... Concert producer.

Yup, a charity concert to kick off my 2009 Ride for the NCADV where I try to raise awareness of domestic violence. Hmmm... Why not. Hell, if I can ride a Honda Rebel solo for 5800 miles in three weeks, I can certainly organize a little musical get together.

When I started my ride last year, I pointed my wheel East and rode. I am not terribly sure which direction I should be pointing here... Anyone???

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mq01 said...

your stumble, ;) i can relate, i have certainly been there/done that. but i'll tell ya, with age, and with the negativity you describe, personally my tolerance for folks like that has grown less (to zero) over the last few yrs. they/some (my ex for instance) exhibit total self defeating tendencies. ive been where you are, and its hard. i feel for you my friend.

ironbutt (IBA), bravo. damn i should be certified already but failed to follow through, pfftt, lol. i must share with you; personally my body becomes gumby-fied after 700 mls. I did 850 mls straight, took 15 hrs once, 13 hrs another. both examples i had to stop and crash for a day after. i have since made major bike changes... i digress... my point, each person has a unique riding threshold. sounds like you have not yet found who knows :) i cant wait to hear about it...

music/show production, oooooh sounds awesome!!!