Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nice Pair

A day of somewhat delayed embarrassment. Looking back, all there is to do is laugh.

It was a gorgeous day for a poker run and my post was the third stop. Here I am, sitting behind a small table, overseeing the riders take their card and writing it on their card sheet.

A rather well endowed, well spoken woman walks up with her card sheet. She places it on the table and takes a card. Queen of Clubs. I write it on her card sheet and give it back to her. She looks at it, turns it to me, holding it at breast level and says, "Wow! Look what I have!"

Dutifully I look. Pair of Queens. "Wow! Nice pair!" I remark.

That isn't sad.

What is sad, is that I didn't realize what I said, or the fact she just grinned at me when I said it until about an hour later.

Sometimes my brain simply doesn't click.


mq01 said...

i love this, and im sure that she did too :) lol. no worries...its all good

Baron's Life said...

lol too're slow man...!!! an hour later....?
great post bud

Rob said...

She kind of set herself up for that. Funny stuff...

Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

I would have taken a while to catch it too! Well, who looks for those kinds of pitfalls? Not me...well most times I don't.

I 've read a few pages of your work, and I find it very enjoyable, I'm putting it on my "must read" list!

Doug C said...

I bet she was waiting all day for a draw that would give her the chance to ask that of somebody and you obliged. Good job!

MeanDonnaJean said...

Don't feel too bad there, brain hardly EVER "clicks" these days. Just ask my boss/kids/family/friends/associates/etc. etc. etc. THEY'LL tell ya!

(Yet, as ya can see, I have NO damn problem clickin' away on this here keyboard to leave my mark whenever the mood strikes) ;-)