Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Better News for Wednesday

Iowa Harley Girl's blog post really got under my skin in a good way. Most of the news headlines these days is just plain irritating. I don't give a big care who Tiger Woods is doing! Why did Paris Hilton disappear? PFFTTT!!! Extended US Financial bailout? My wallet is pretty empty at the moment... NEXT!

So, here is one way to make the news headlines more interesting. Just add a motorcycle! Sure, the news itself is just as boring and tedious and bla, but the headlines would at least sound better.

So, here are my altered news headlines for the day.
  • Obama Pushes New Stimulus - $5000 Cash Back on all Motorcycle Purchases
  • The Mystery of Harry Reid in Black Leather and Chaps
  • Why Did Paris Hilton Disappear on A New Victory Vision?
  • Madoff victims ask Congress to recover their funds by selling off his 1940's motorcycle collection.
  • Taking a break from his North American Electric Motorcycle tour, Al Gore rebuts Palin's climate change claims.
  • Japanese Economy Grew More Slowly Than First Thought, likely due to surge in Harley Davidson sales.
  • TSA passenger screening manual leaked online - bikers on list of groups to watch.
  • Coffee, Exercise and Daily Motorcycle Rides Fight Prostate Cancer
**These are not real headlines! They are just for fun, parodies if you will.

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MeanDonnaJean said...

Whoa baby, thems sum purdy darn good headlines! I think ya just might have a new career in journalism comin' yer way.