Saturday, December 19, 2009

Late Starter

By all intents and purposes, I am a late starter in the world of motorcycling. Sure, there were the occasional rides on the neighbor's little Honda 50cc dirt bike in the backwoods of Illinois when I was in high school. Maybe that is what lit the fire. For decades that ember sat somewhere, waiting.

Not until late in 2007 did the ember catch on. The reasons for the delay are many, and for the purpose of this, do not matter. What matters is that it did catch.

Yesterday I enjoyed the opportunity to ride up to Eureka with several other riders. No, we were not on bikes. 14F temps, in my opinion, are not conducive to enjoyable two wheel time.

The arid landscape is quite unlike that of Las Vegas. Here, is a quiet stark beauty. The roads are mostly two lane and sparsely traveled. The land, populated with trees and scrub, beckon the hiker, the rider, the adventurer. Odd signs, old roads and paths, ruins from the 1800's exercise an odd gravity to some.

To go where few if any tread. To experience what few if any do. To see things that few if any can or will.

These things urge me to go out and buy another type of bike. Maybe a little Honda CRF230L. Maybe a Yamaha TW200. Maybe something larger like a V-Strom or a BMW F650GS (see pic).

To think of the roads, the trails, the nights under the stars, the dirty, messy bikes, the broken spokes and chains, the friendships and experiences I missed while traveling my own path...

Being a late starter does not preclude one from missed experiences, it only means the new experiences can be savored more with a better trained palate. My project bike and the roads are calling.


mq01 said...

no matter how long it takes, no matter when you start, as long as you find joy in something, embrace it. looks like a fabulous time! happy holidays razor!!

Ken said...

I can relate to this post, because I am a "late starter" too. I didn't start riding until I was 41 (for the full story, check out the very first post under the archive section of my blog). Also, I knew one guy who was 52 when he learned to ride. I guess it's never too late!

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks mq & Ken. Just glad I found this whole philosophy, lifestyle, whatever. Perhaps this is something that has no concrete definition. Ah well.

Nope, never too late. Met a fellow once, in his early 30s. He enjoyed trail riding out in the desert so much, he would be gone for days. His dad retired early at like 56 and decided to try riding. He borrowed a little Honda dirt bike, learned to ride and went out on a simple ride with his son.

Now, the son can barely keep up with his dad. Nope, never too late.