Saturday, December 05, 2009


A leaf falls from its tree one brisk fall morning.

"Tree," it yells. "I am not done yet! The sun is shining and I am cold! Why must I fall to the hard ground into the shadows?"

"Do not fear, my leaf. You have many things to do before your time on the Earth is done. You must help protect and shield many from the cold and snow and wind of the season. They are depending on you."

"But this is new and I have no idea what to do! Who do I protect? How do I help keep them safe from winter? I am only a single leaf!"

"Our parents and their parents and their parents lived in this forest, my little leaf. It is not a matter of knowing, it is a matter of being who you are."

"The ground looks so lonely down there. What if there are no other leaves where I settle for the winter? How does a leaf blowing in the winter wind find another?"

"Take solace in the knowledge that your brothers and sisters will always be near and if you are alone and do not find another while flitting on the wings of winter, so be it."


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Not sure I like how this ends. Thoughts?

falcott said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog just now. Thanks for this little parable, I love it.

Maybe it ends with the peace and fulfillment of the weary traveler returning home -- how all things return to their essential, original condition (that is, what they are before they were born). The ultimate unity of all things.