Sunday, March 02, 2008

Farkling the Honda Rebel

On a shoestring, of course...

Above is a picture of a small... very small something that passes as a luggage rack, or more properly, a mini-rack. Truth be told, this rack is quite short and narrow. Its functionality seems to be limited to carrying small things like cat food or a two liter bottle of soda or maybe a small extra fuel container.

Part of the problem with farkling a Rebel is the fact that Honda placed the rear tail light and turning signal stems back from the end of the fender. This makes placing larger racks or saddle bags on the bike, a challenge.

Enter ingenuity with a dash of circumstance! Parking my bike yesterday, after our trip to Nipton, I saw a stack of wire mesh squares in the garage. My ex-wife picked these up for a craft project of some sort, but other uses were going through my mind.

They are one foot square and have a reinforcing loop of wire around the edge. My mind started working. If I place one of those on the pillion and bungee it down, I have a nice square platform to strap light groceries or other things to. Perhaps functional for light things, but not really good for heavier items.

Mind still working, I remember some 1/4 inch Aluminum rod stock in the back yard. I can cut those to length and use little metal hose clamps to secure them to the wire mesh, thusly reinforcing it. That buys me a few more pounds but now stability is an issue.

I am still working on this but there is definitely something functional in my mind. I should be able to provide a nice sturdy foundation for dressing my Rebel with these things! No fear. I shall post pictures and a full description after it's all worked out.

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