Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making the Best

My daughter is right at this very minute sitting at an outdoor table overlooking the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. The sushi is fresh and the air moist and clean. She is in Hawaii without her computer and none the worse for wear.

She forgot it. Oh well. Such is life.

There has now been two days of problems and compromise here. My cold and the beautiful riding weather. My website was shut down because I forgot to pay for it... for the last six months. The want to get my daughter some nice new clothes for her trip, but my severe lack of money. My dead cell phone because i can't find the charger and can't afford a new one until my next paycheck. The list goes on.

Well, nobody has punched me in the mouth and it doesn't cost any money, so I just smile.

And I am smiling! This Saturday I am planing on one of two little day trips. One will be a little ride to Mesquite, Nevada through the nice quiet road near Lake Mead. Total of 205 miles round trip.

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The other possible trip is through the high desert to Pahrump, Nevada. Total of about 140 miles round trip.

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Either way, I hope to go for a ride, have a nice little meal, drink a beer and enjoy a little quiet socializing. I hope I can borrow a camera from someone at work. That's one thing my daughter didn't forget!

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RazorsEdge2112 said...

It seems as if there are a few bugs with the functionality of adding Google Maps. The second map, from Henderson to Pahrump, did not center correctly. The route is correctly mapped, you just need to pan to the left to see it.