Sunday, March 16, 2008

SWM Seeking SF

Are you a single female who enjoys leaving the Weather or Travel Channel on the TV while reading motorcycle travelogues? Does the thought of riding out to some unnamed, desolate place and camping out make your throttle hand twitch and mouth water? Feel more comfortable in your riding gear than a dress or slacks? Do your dates' eyes glaze over when you talk about compression ratios or knobbies versus semi-knobbies or the Fujita Scale or cold fronts? Does he ask for the check when you mention the thrill of storm chasing or guerrilla camping or riding solo to the Arctic Circle? Single? Give me a call!

Just kidding! Maybe... Sort Of...

Seriously I am not looking at this point, but if I were... and if I were to post a personal ad, it would be something similar to the above. I have gone back and forth on the subject of personal ads. On one hand there seems to be a certain desperation to them. On the other, a sort of optimistic light, as if coming from an individually unique light house. Riding down a back road, who's to say that woman riding the BMW doesn't thrill to the thought of watching a wall cloud and just happens to be single?

Perhaps when I am ready you may see the above posted somewhere. It's not a call of desperation, just a CQ of sorts. And, if you are piqued by my posting above, and know what a CQ is, maybe you should contact me at your earliest convenience. :-)

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