Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

I did something a few months ago that was curious in retrospect. I am not going to try and un-do it, rather just observe. I can't blame my old buddies Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniels for this; they haven't visited in quite some time. You see, I signed up for a dating and social website.

Several months ago, I became a little curious about dating again, now that I am single. So I signed up with Just for curiosities sake, mind you. I had the impression that dating sites were like meat markets where you show up, pick a cut that pleases you, and, well, get together. I was admittedly wrong... I think anyway.

Even thought I have posted there a few times, dating is not in my realm of interests right now. I think I will leave the account open. Worst case, maybe I will go on a ride with one of the members. Who knows. That is why the account will stay open. The unknown, unseen road.

YES, it is that time of the year, folks. Browse over to and cast your ballot where it counts. No “hanging chads” or “...she's a monster..” comments or other political rhetoric. Cast your vote in the 2008 Riders Choice Awards. It's fun, interesting and if the wrong candidate wins, it will likely not set any nation into an economic depression or cause global chaos.

That Damn Game!!! With the best of intentions last night, I sat down on the couch to accomplish a little planning for my trip. Coffee steaming on one side, maps on the other and computer on my lap, I settle in for an enjoyable evening of fantasy roads and adventure.

Then my daughter comes out, “What level are you now?” she asks.

“14 or so. You?”

“HAHA, NOOOOOOB. I'm not telling!” And she dances back into her bedroom.

As I log into the game, I think, 'Friggin teenagers.'

It is a game called Mabinogi by Nexon & DevCat. For me, this damned game is rather addictive and fun. DAMN IT! So, 1AM comes and I level to 16 and log off, coffee cold and cat sleeping on the unopened maps. She comes out, “So what level are at now, noob?”

“16,” I stick my tongue out at her.

“You kill a bear yet?”

“No”, I say under my breath, logging back in. She grabs a late night snack & goes to sleep as I am quite soundly trounced by a bear or two. 2:30AM and my blurry eyes and I log off, put the maps away, dump the coffee and fall into bed.

Damned teenagers! Keep your fun and interesting games to yourselves! I'm too old for this crap! Oh... and Stay Off My Lawn! XD

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