Sunday, March 30, 2008

Riding History

South of Henderson is an extension of Horizon Ridge. Or rather, the paved Horizon Ridge is an extension of a desert road that served miners and settlers alike in the mid to late 1800's. People in Arizona and New Mexico wanting to come take part in the Nevada Gold and Silver Rush would come west, cross the Colorado River near Laughlin or other points south, then follow the river north. Searchlight was an important stopover for miners and settlers alike. At the time, Boulder City did not exist, so the road was almost straight from Searchlight to the small settlement of Las Vegas.
The old desert road from Las Vegas to Searchlight. This was a good part.

To the east of Sloan Canyon this desert road undulates up and down, right and left, just a bit, around small mountain foothills. This is knows as Dutchman's Pass. Between Dutchman's Pass and Sloan Canyon is a mine, and supposed ghost town of Quo Vadis. Unfortunately my Honda Rebel is just not the right vehicle to get there. But, before I leave the area, I WILL get there.

I am not sure why there is this attraction. Quo Vadis was a very small, very short lived town, supposedly with a few saloons, a church and a few houses. I read somewhere that only a foundation for one of the saloons still exist.

Perhaps it is the feeling, the drive, and perhaps the need to explore; to do things that are not of the ordinary. This was not an ordinary ride... nearly 20 miles of desert riding on a Honda Rebel.

Now, if you will pardon me, I need to go figure out how I can afford to get a little Yamaha TW200. No way can I do a lot of desert riding on the Rebel.


Doug C said...

Can't you just imagine the travelers and adventurers from years gone by?

A very interesting detour/destination.

Ken said...

Ah yes. I find a certain thrill, a rush of history riding some of these old roads. I wonder what hardships and challenges they had. What joys and sorrows, laughs and tears echo in these desolate desert wildernesses. Occasionally something in the distance will catch my eye, and as I ride or walk up to see what it is, my imagination plays. 'Will it be a relic from years gone by? Part of an old building or horse driven vehicle?'

Sadly, it is usually a television set or computer someone used as target practice. It is a pity some cannot respect these sort of areas for their history and stark beauty.

Thanks for reading!