Monday, July 20, 2009

2007 and 2008 - A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

2007 was a year that is indellibly marked in my memory. The arguments, the drama, doctors, police, lawyers, court... it was done. The divorce final. The end of a chapter filled with insanity and things better left unsaid... unremembered. Alas, it is etched in my mind.

One thing that I knew was necessary was to rebuild my credit. I was addicted. Lunches and nights spent on my addiction were beautiful. was my addiction. It had been nearly 25 years since I had sat on a bike but I knew... I knew it was right. The trigger was pulled. I bought a bike; the first ever new vehicle I had ever owned. Something of my own chosing. A 2007 Honda Rebel 250.

Last weekend in December, 2007 I take my MSF BRC class and pass. On the last day of 2007 I take the little MSF card to the DMV so they can add the "M" to my license endorsement. On January 1, 2008 I ride 80 miles around the Las Vegas valley in 30 degree temps. I don't care. A new life.

An adventurous thought formed. A cross country ride. Insane? Some told me the Rebel's engine would blow up. Others told me I would make it to the Mississippi and turn around. Some did indeed ask, "Are you insane?"

My answer... Yes.

Toward the end of September I saddled up and headed out. Less than a year of riding and I headed out on a cross country ride on a bike most thought incapable. Cool.

Tonight I thought of writing about something else; about future rides; about my plan for earning my Saddle Sore award; about my plans of another cross country ride; about my planned ride to Yellowknife.

But I read my ride report and the responses and got a little teary eyed. Some times a walk down memory lane is a good thing.

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mq01 said...

ive read the linked thread. beautiful razor, all of it, ups and downs. i did several trips like yours since 05, and i suffered electronics gremlins each time. if i remember correctly i killed 2 kodak cameras and 3 motorola cell phs. lol. so i have little/no pics, BUT, fantastic memories. you have made me roadsick razor. i found myself looking at the pics you posted longingly, and wished i had utilized my advrider profile to document rides. bravo to you. i feel another long distance trip coming on. thank you razor. simply beautiful.

ps, just a note, now that i have a bigger comfy bike, i think i enjoyed these trips more on my small sporty. but thats just me. the small bikes seem more nimble on certain difficult or tricky days.