Friday, July 31, 2009

Are There Coincidences?

Well, it had to happen. There was no question. Unless things changed, it was inevitable. Cox Cable disconnected my home internet.

Moving always sucks and costs money. Daughter's financial aid for school has not come through yet so I pony up the money for this semester. AND, there is the matter of paying my cable/internet bill and a few credit cards.

Just... A... Few... More... Months... My pickup, an older Chevy S10 will be paid off in October. So, after adjusting for a lower rate of insurance, that's about $200 extra per month in the bank. Then, a loan will be paid off in December. That is another $200 per month. Oh, and after I move, there should be a nice juicy deposit check coming my way.

I find it oddly curious this should happen as I write a blog post on the philosophy of transience.

Riding through life, as on a motorcycle, there is only transience; permanence fleeting. BUT, that is for my next post.


GYMONR said...

No worries mate…good time will be here before you know it…
Big Al

mq01 said...

i hope things turn around and big checks appear in your mail!! :) actually, i hope this for me too... ;)

MeanDonnaJean said...

I just hope yer landlord ain't nuthin' like NY landlords by holdin' onto that nice juicy deposit check for some stupid reason that don't make any kinda sense to begin with. Slick-ass mutha's they are 'round here.

Oh for's them friggin' word-verification-thingys again!