Monday, July 13, 2009

More Deep Thinking About Motorcycles, of Course!

Ah... Motorcycles. Something my mind can actually grasp in a concrete way. Over the last month or so, my Suzuki VX800 Project has been tumbling around in my mind. Should I keep her? Should I trade her for a different project bike? Should I part her out?

A conversation with a fellow who is somewhat familiar with the VX800 this weekend helped settle these tumbling thoughts a bit. To severely paraphrase:

Him: How much money do you have in her?
Me: About $45.
Him: Title?
Me: Clear.
Him: Frame damage?
Me: Nope. All solid.
Him: Have the entire bike?
Me: Nope. No front forks, saddle, triple tree, carbs, instrument cluster, control cables, etc...
Him: Hmmm... Anything wrong with the engine?
Me: Cylinders need to be bored out, need new pistons, new valves and the heads rebuilt. Also need new final drive splines.
Him: You good with tools?
Me: I am learning. Can't do the cylinder boring, but maybe most of the other stuff.
Him: Hmmm... You have other bikes?
Me: Yup. '07 Rebel and '04 Sporty.
Him: You are single, right?
Me: What does that have to do with this? (I smile)
Him: Dating?
Me: Ah, no. I have no life. (snicker)
Him: So you have plenty of time?
Me: In a month or so, absolutely.
Him: OK, so if someone would tell you, "Pick any bike you want, and it is yours, free and clear," what would you choose?
Me: Kawasaki Versys or Suzuki SV650.
Him: And what is your favorite kind of riding?
Me: Touring, putting around places that not many people go. Some asphalt, some gravel roads, some decent desert trails. Getting too old for dirt bikes. (laugh) Sort of 'adventure riding lite.'
Him: So, if you keep her, are you out anything?
Me: Not really.
Him: So, you seem to like the naked/standard/sport bikes; not crotch rockets. You like the SV650 that is a cousin of the VX800. That little girl will do fine with most every riding situation you like. You will have plenty of time to tinker with her soon, you already have other bikes and you are out nothing if you keep her.
Me: Yup.
Him: There's your answer, my friend.

Sometimes, talking something out does help. I will keep her.


mq01 said...

what a fun post :) enjoy your time with her, it will come back to you many x's over. and having a life or not, or free time; someone that loves you will understand.

Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

Man, talkin to ourselves is one of the best and smartest things we learn to do as kids...and as long as we don't get that beat out of us by adults telling us to "grow up"...well the sky really is the limit...isn't it?

I sooo liked this expression of freedom...very good writing!