Saturday, July 25, 2009

350 Miles for the Soul

Yes, I needed to ride today. My soul, my conscious being, my what have you was beginning to get cluttered. It needed a good cleansing... and got it.

I wanted to get out of Vegas. So, after stopping at my work to get my camera, I pointed Athena North West and rode. Up ahead on I95 I saw the sign for Kyle Canyon. Downshift, turning signal, brakes, and I was on a delightful two lane asphalt road on my way to the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston. After riding around there a while, and taking some pictures, I head toward Lee Canyon for some hiking.

The hiking didn't last long as I really didn't prepare for it. Little extra water and no emergency rations should my blood sugar do something funny. It was indeed beautiful though.
Just me in front of a big rock. I really stink at self portraits. :-P

Coming down Lee Canyon Road, I think, 'Where to next? Turn left and head up to Beatty? Maybe further? Head back to Vegas? Go back to the coolness of the Spring Mountains?

Wait! My stomach starts to think more than my brain. 'I am HUNGRY! Free grilled burgers and hot dogs at Henderson Harley.' Dang stomach even brought a financial argument and threw it on the table. Couldn't resist.

So, at I95 I turn right. Back to Vegas.

It was hot. The kind of hot that doesn't cool your skin even at 90 MPH. Yes, 90. Don't get me wrong. I like going fast, but this was supposed to be a slow day. Waves from fellow bikers out to enjoy the overcast Las Vegas day were more than welcome but that heat and speed... Just to maintain traffic speed and not be a traffic hazard a speed of 85 to 90 MPH had to be maintained. Not my idea of good riding conditions.

So, I stop at Henderson HD, have a burger, few waters, watch the Rider's Edge class, buy a quart of oil and head back to the house. After rehydrating myself, I wonder, what to do... Tidy the house and pack some more? Do yard work? Waste the day on FaceBook?

No... Let's ride...

After gassing up, I point Athena West, then South on old Las Vegas Boulevard. South of the city, this used to be the only way to travel between Los Angeles and Vegas. After I15 was built, this road was well maintaind but not used much. AH! No cagers! Speed is set at 55 and I kick back.

Turn right at Jean and head down a smaller road with some simple twisties and sweepers. Perfect. Sandy Vally Road is a lot of fun!

One day of solitary riding. It didn't change the world, but my outlook upon it certainly has.


Baron's Life said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day afterall and that hamburger did come in're back in the saddle

Lady R (Di) said...

Great riding! Hiking??? Maybe after several miles, it does feel good to walk and stretch, but I limit my hiking to just a few feet! LOL! I shouldn't say that, I love to walk and hike, but while riding, I guess I don't have much else on my mind.

We had a great riding weekend too. We logged over 500 miles between Friday and Saturday and I had a blast doing it!

I finally got us two "cool rags" to wear in the afternoon when it gets unbearable. We took them out of the cooler and put them on... They really helped! I felt a lot better with that on the back of my neck and it seemed to keep my whole body cooler. You should try one. Definitely put the smile back on my face and eliminated any thoughts of wanting to go home!

I'm so glad you had a good ride... and BTW... your self portraits are great! Better than anything I've been able to do! ;)

MeanDonnaJean said...

Nuthin' like a good ride to clear out the ol' cobwebs 'n rejuvenate the soul. Seems to be just what the doctor ordered.....'n the best thing about it is that there ain't a co-pay or insurance form to have to deal with afterwards!!

mq01 said...

great pics of a great ride!! and i cant tell you how good that burger sounds!!!!!!!...yumm...