Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What is it???

What is it?

That tangible force to ride.

As I await the delivery of my clutch throw out bearing, thoughts roll through my mind as small as oak leaves, as powerful as Kenworth semi tractor.

What force embraces the rare few of us who ride? Is it the freedom? The wind in our hair and face? The thumping or buzzing of raw primal power beneath us? The thought that we enjoy something the majority of the population cannot fathom?

Perhaps it it is deeper.

Living in the moment, regrets trailing behind like so many pot-holes. Taking it all in, doing what is necessary, feeling the rush of wind, time and space go by in a continual stream of consciousness.

Perhaps it is shallower.

The primal urge of reproduction and attraction of a suitable mate directs some of us to display our chrome and steel and plastic and leather plumage. Unconsciously we seek to find an accepting social group and as each of us evolve through life simply fall into the social group known as bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts.

The later is exclusive; if it is societal or sexual, that is all there is. The former, however, is inclusive; riding is everything in time and space constricted to a single moving moment.

I like the former.

Hope my parts are delivered today. I am in desperate need for a ride.


mq01 said...

really thought provoking razor. im contemplating the many things relative, thank you. i hope your parts are delivered today.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Razor... I saw your comment on AZ Harley Dude's post and thought I'd come over and take a look. Anyone who makes me laugh is worth checking out. Hope you don't mind.

Sorry your down in the ride category. I hate when that happens. I like knowing I'm ready to go and can hit the road, whenever the whim hits me.

For me, I like riding for the shear awesome feeling I get while doing it. Freedom... wind... being one with nature... all that's good stuff. But somehow, I feel empowered knowing that I chose to do something that scares the crap outta most folks. I have a blast riding my Glide and I hope I don't ever loose the fever.

If you ever want to visit the sunny south and have a taste of sweet home Alabama, come by for a visit sometime.

Lady R

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ooops! I just realized... it was Big Al's Compound where I saw your comment, about the "Ladies Riding Lawn Mower". LOL!