Sunday, July 12, 2009

Contemplating Contemplation and the Acquisition of the Un-Sought

Leave it to mq01 to spark my synapses. Many times I read one of her blog posts and think. And think some more. And contemplate. And cogitate.

A reply to one of her contemplative posts with something as terse but well meaning as "you go girl," or "ride safe," or "keep the rubber side down," seems shallow and not appropriate for me.

So, what is this Contemplating Contemplation and the Acquisition of the Un-Sought?

There is some serious thought behind this. No, it isn't the title of a philosophical paper, just something else tumbling around in my brain. How does one think about what one wants? How does one know that is really what one wants? How should one pursue it? Or even should one pursue it? What if an undesired goal is acquired in the pursuit of another? Is that the real goal or is it something else? Is what is desired, needed? Is what is thought of as needed, simply a desire?

Several months ago I started searching for another, second motorcycle. My Rebel had done her duty and I was pleased to let her retire to a life of leisurely rides. My list of possible bikes, in order, was a Kawasaki Versys, Suzuki SV650 and maybe a Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883. What did I find? A 2004 Sportster XL1200 Custom that I now call Athena.

Did I acquire my goal? It was not the bike I was looking for and honestly, never thought I was a Harley Davidson sort of fellow. The moment her name came to me, I knew the goal was accomplished, regardless of the initial targets.

Several months ago I started riding with a motorcycle group with very high altruistic goals. My desire was to make a difference. Now I see this group; these people; this new family affecting me; challenging me to be a better person. That was certainly not my sought after goal yet I quite pleased.

I started riding a little more that one and a half years ago, with the goal of experiencing new things that I have barred myself from. There were dreams of riding the expanses of the US and Canada on a dual-sport; high-tech mesh armor; muddy creeks; long solitary trails; evenings at a campfire with nothing but the night speaking to me.

Yet, now I ride a loud Harley with nothing but black leathers and a helmet with skull stickers. A goal was acquired, but the right one? For me, for now... yes.

One must understand and accept the possibility that what they are truly seeking may be different from what they think they are seeking.


mq01 said...

ah, razor my friend, we do spin round and round in lifes circles at times. dont we?!? yes, ultimately the objective of life could/should really be as simple as "being happy".

MeanDonnaJean said...

Personally, I think ya made an excellent choice on the new ride, but I've always been partial to/preferred HD's, so what the hell do *I* know.

In any event, I've gotta second what mq01 basically said below: as long as it makes ya happy, ya might as well go for it....which I reckon ya did, so no harm, no foul.

Besides, just think of how many more great stories ya'll have to share with us....'n how much we're all lookin' forward to each 'n every one of 'em.