Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Day 0 - Part Sixteen

OK. After receiving a hot two hours sleep I was called into work. Being on-call can have some serious down-sides. Luckily it is only one week out of every six. That being stated, it is about 5AM and the brain is partially disengaged. This will be quick.

Before completely launching into college life, a few unmentioned highlights of my grade school and high school life.
  • I built my own computer from scratch. Not the kind like one would build today; rather from chips and resistors and the like.
  • There was that crush on a high school teacher.
  • A second cousin nearly molested my brother and myself. He was caught with another under age boy and last I heard was serving 25 years. IMHO, ought to be life.
  • The discovery of a real Native American Indian relic on our farm. It was a foot weight used to teach the young how to safely run in the woods without making a lot of noise.
  • My call to the fire department when a tractor caught on fire.
  • The summer afternoons in the hay loft with my girlfriend (nuff said).
  • My first 'drunk' at the age of 15 on beer we bought from a cop.
  • Likely the wildest thing I ever did; delivering newspapers in my underwear in February. Yes, it was a dare.
  • Playing taps at memorial day services for nearly five years.
  • Playing valve trombone, trumpet and baritone in the school band. (Not all at once.)
  • Scoring second place in the high school math competition as a Junior.
  • Seeing my first concert. It was Rush in Dubuque, Iowa on their Moving Pictures tour.
  • Seeing Kiss play with the Plasmatics opening.
  • Sitting in an Apache helicopter.
  • Skinny-dipping.
  • Nearly dropping my Galaxie 500 into the Mississippi River.
  • My first telescope.
  • Days spent fishing and hunting with my Dad and Grandfather.
So much for quick.


mq01 said...

wow, you have an amazing memory. i dont have near the recall as you, i believe. hmmm, i'll have to ponder this...

Unknown said...


I now know you better than myself.

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