Sunday, April 25, 2010

Special Relationship

We spoke briefly last night; the first time in just over a year. This morning we chatted and spent nearly an hour of quality time becoming reacquainted. Yes. We have a special relationship.

There were no thoughts of women or work or phone calls or computers or reading or writing. It was nothing but riding.

Please do not misunderstand, I like my Harley Sportster. I like my Suzuki VX800 project bike. However, my little Honda Rebel 250 and I have a special history; one that honestly few share.

With the help of Jack from Jack's Rebel Warehouse and the local Cycle Gear, my Rebel is alive and breathing again. She still coughs a little and the engine dies once in a great while at stop signs, but she lives.

For me, the minimalistic Rebel brings a tranquility that my Sporty cannot. She is quiet, unobtrusive, unpretentious and simply fun to ride. If she does fall over, picking her up is not a problem at all. Gas mileage? She is a teetotaler, averaging nearly 75MPG. When we were on our cross country ride in 2008, her mileage was calculated at nearly 90MPG during one slower, straight and flat stretch.

Now, if you will pardon me; I have some neighborhood riding to do and yard sales to check out.


IHG said...

Sweet little story! I think it's cool that you still have your Honda Rebel. She sounds special indeed!

mq01 said...


Charlie said...

I had seen these bikes for years but never really paid too much attention too them unitl my girlfriend said she liked them. All of a sudden I was thrown into the Rebel world. She bought a 2006 w/5000 miles and I think it is just a cool bike. I even put my 225 on it and go around the town. Great to ride,comfy, smooth engine, very stylish and just plain cool. Such a different ride from the ole KLR. No wonder it has been around for so long.