Friday, April 09, 2010


Well, as you may or may not know, I am now working from home. Yes, full time telecommuting does seem to suit me.

While waiting for a little 800MB file to load to SQL today, I discovered an old digital camera. With a little tinkering I turned it into a webcam. Hey, why not. There are less productive things that could be done.

If you are so inclined, just browse over to my webcam page. I will likely change the camera location from day to day. Maybe I will move it down to my garage, point it outside or maybe point it at my daughter's mice.

Maybe I will just turn it off. Who knows.

No worries, it is work friendly. No girlfriend and no current prospects. Back to work...

1 comment:

WooleyBugger said...

hey, thats a pretty neat little trick.